Establishing a Business in Pet Care

Setting up a business in the pet care industry is highly rewarding and just as challenging. I have over ten years experience in the industry, including starting and maintaining two pet care businesses. As your consultant in forming your own business, you’ll have access to all that knowledge and experience. I can help you with every aspect in detail, select areas, or help you decide areas on which to focus each step of the way.

Creating a Dog Daycare Program

A dog daycare is much different from a kennel and has many more considerations when setting up and running. One of the most important is your acceptance policy. I can help you determine how strict you want to be for this acceptance, and what being “more strict” or “less strict” will mean for your clients and their pets. We’ll create all necessary applications as well as the evaluation form and method that you’ll use to assess the temperament of the dogs.

Employee/Staff training

People/Pet Interaction

It is essential for your staff to know how to interact with the animals, for everyone’s health and wellbeing. I have individual and group classes for staff/pet interaction training based on species or breed as well as programs for general pet interaction.

People/People Interaction

Customer service is an important aspect to any business. I can train your employees to communicate with pet owners professionally and sensitively.

Pet/Pet Interaction

If you own a dog daycare, the dogs will be playing together. Your staff must be able to effectively manage the dogs in group play scenarios. I can help your staff understand how this works and teach them specific tactics to maintain a happy group play time.

Full Employee Training

If you need to set up a full employee/staff development program for your business, I can help you determine what skill set your employees will need. I can then assist you in deciding how to get all employees trained. This might be in the form of choosing classes already developed (by me or another source) or developing customized classes just for your staff.


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