Pet Partnering Services

Thank you for considering my services to assist with your pet’s behavior, training and/or health concerns. I feel it is important for you to know me so if you want more details that you can find in my about page, please contact me and we can talk over the phone or meet face to face.

If you decide that I am the right person for you and your pet(s), I would be honored to work with you. You’ll need to download these forms, complete them return them in order for us to get started. On completion please scan and return them here. If you need to fax it, please let me know via the contact form here.


  • Puppy Group Classes
  • Level 1 Foundational Obedience Group Classes

Learn more about these classes here.

Training Services

  • Board & Train
  • Potty Board & Train
  • Potty Board
  • Potty Training

Wellness Services

  • Wellness Respite

Consulting Services

  • Establishing a business in pet care
  • Creating a dog daycare program
  • Staff training
  • Customer service training

Learn more about consulting services here.

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